Wednesday, July 22, 2009

High Country Lakes

The Tioga Road passes several beautiful lakes, including tiny Siesta Lake, Tenaya Lake, and, just outside the park, Tioga and Ellery Lakes. Short hikes can bring you to May Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Dog Lake, Gaylor Lakes, or Granite Lakes. East of Tioga Pass you can hike to Shell and Fantail Lakes, or take a boat taxi across manmade Saddlebag Lake to Greenstone Lake, Steelhead Lake, and all the other bodies that comprise the Twenty Lakes Basin.

Out of this long list, Middle Gaylor is one of my favorites, along with Shell and Fantail. Another great spot is Greenstone Lake, shown above in mid-July 2006, at the east end of the Saddlebag Lake taxi. But all these places provide great photo opportunities, and relief from the summer heat in the lowlands.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full Moon Night Photography Workshop

Monday's Full Moon Night Photography Workshop proved to be a lot of fun. After dodging mosquitos at Tenaya Lake we headed to Olmsted Point and it's photogenic collection of junipers—perfect subjects to light up at night. I demonstrated some light-painting techniques using simple flashlights, then the students set off to try it on their own. They took to it like ducks to water! It was fun to see people collaborating. Often two or three people would frame a view of the same tree and take turns handling the flashlights, discussing the results after each exposure. Digital cameras certainly make the learning curve much easier.

This outstanding photograph was made by one of the participants, Kyle Jones. Clearly Kyle is a quick learner and a talented photographer.

We're planning to do another of these one-day workshops before the summer is over—probably on September 2nd. When the details are worked out it will be posted on The Ansel Adams Gallery's web site and blog.