Sunday, February 15, 2009

One Storm After Another

The next in a long series of winter storms is due to arrive in Yosemite tomorrow. This one is expected to be warmer than the previous two or three; the forecast calls for a snow level of 5000 feet, so it will probably rain at 4000 feet in Yosemite Valley. But the snow level often drops at the tail end of a storm, so it's possible that the valley floor will get a dusting of fresh snow on Tuesday. Those of you living in the Bay Area who've already been drenched by rain may be surprised to hear that we're not expecting this storm until tomorrow, but it's stalled and moving slowly.

This past week it snowed in Yosemite on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with some misty, clearing-storm interludes in between. I took the photo above on Monday afternoon from Tunnel View. I don't often make black-and-white images, but this scene was perfect for it. Sunrise yesterday morning looked spectacular on the Turtleback Dome web cam, and I was sorry I didn't make it up there.

There is now plenty of snow on top of El Capitan to feed Horsetail Fall, but temperatures have been cold, so melting has been slow. We need at least a few warm clear days to get the flow going. The forecast calls for some dry days later this week, but I don't know whether that will be enough.

By the way, you can find links to the National Weather Service's Yosemite forecast and the Yosemite web cams on the right.

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