Friday, April 24, 2009

Dogwood Update

The dogwoods in Yosemite Valley haven't fully bloomed yet, but they're progressing. Many are now in their "green" stage, where they sport greenish-yellow blossoms. These will change to white soon, although I don't know exactly how soon. Cooler weather has descended on the Sierra and is expected to linger through next week, so that could slow things down a bit, but I would still expect most of the valley dogwoods to be in full bloom a week from now.

The waterfalls are roaring, but they should calm down a bit with the cool conditions. The Park Service is saying that the Glacier Point Road could open May 1st, however I'm not counting on it as there's precipitation in the forecast, and if any of that falls as snow it would likely delay the opening.


  1. I enjoy both your posts and photographs. A photographer in SLO.

  2. the thumbnail in this post is amazing. great shot of the dogwood with the moving water! definitely caught my eye.


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