Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ansel Adams Gallery Exhibit Continues Through October 4th

There's still time to catch my Color, Light, and Form exhibit at The Ansel Adams Gallery. It will up through October 4th, so if you're visiting Yosemite before then please stop by. The show includes lots of new work, including Willow Leaves and Reflections above.


  1. Your artwork looks intresting, I look forward to seeing it one day.

    Harry Simitian -

  2. Thanks Harry. Although it's not the same as viewing actual prints, you can see a slide show that includes most of the exhibit here:

  3. This is an awesome image, Michael! I like how that I am just seeing shapes / colors and not the subject.

  4. Thanks Richard! I've received a lot of nice comments about this image during the show, which has been a pleasant surprise. I love abstracts, and this is one of my new favorites, but abstract images that I love often leave others cold. This photo seems to strike a chord with people, which is gratifying.


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