Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two More Workshops for 2010

As I mentioned on October 7th, I’ll be doing two additional workshops for The Ansel Adams Gallery in 2010:

Digital Printing and the Zone System

January 19 - 23

After taking my Photoshop Fundamentals or Digital Landscape workshops, many students have asked for a more advanced Photoshop class. New tools like HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) have also made me rethink some of my working methods in recent years. So I thought it was time to do a comprehensive course in Photoshop and digital printing for landscape photographers that incorporates these new tools.

As digital cameras and software have grown in sophistication, they’ve given us unprecedented control of our images. Such power creates wonderful opportunities, but can also lead to confusion. How do you apply these controls? Luckily we have something to guide us, because the new working methods bear a striking resemblance to Ansel Adams’ Zone System. The tools are quite different, but the goals are the same: to control contrast—either increasing contrast in flat light, or decreasing it when the light would otherwise be too harsh. In this class we'll investigate methods for mastering this vital aspect of printing, starting with Photoshop's most powerful tool, Curves, and continuing with techniques for expanding dynamic range, either by blending multiple images in Photoshop, or with HDR (high dynamic range) software. But we’ll cover much more than that, including Zone System exposure for digital cameras, and all the essential steps for making great digital prints like color management, dodging and burning, advanced selections, sharpening, and... well you can see a more comprehensive list on the Gallery’s web site.

Hidden Yosemite

July 7 - 11

After moving the workshop to Yosemite Valley on 2009, we’re returning to the beautiful Yosemite high country next year. I’ll be using my 25 years of Yosemite experience to guide students to great locations that most photographers miss. Short day hikes will lead us to cascading creeks, ridge top views, and alpine lakes. We’ll also delve deeply into the mysteries of exposure, light, and composition. Click here to see more details.


  1. Michael

    I am interested in attending your Digital Printing and the Zone System class. Would this class also include field sessions as well?
    Thanks, David

  2. Hi David - Yes, there will be field sessions in this workshop. Although the primary focus will be on Photoshop and post-processing, we'll also work on using the Zone Sysrem for exposure in the field and try to take advantage of any interesting light and weather we get. I'm anticipating that we'll have four or five morning or afternoon field sessions.

  3. Michael - Thanks. After looking through my schedule, I have decided to take your May Spring Yosemite class

  4. I think this workshop is already full, so I hope you can get in. If not, please email me so we can discuss other options.

  5. Michael - Thanks. I haven't seen the sign saying the workshop is full yet, so I will keep my finger crossed. If the class is full, then I will change it to either summer or fall.


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